At Menorah we run an exciting and inclusive Cheder for all young people. This year to further improve our Cheder we are making some changes. Alongside the innovative Hebrew reading and Jewish Learning curriculum we are going to introduce a Cheder Shabbat once a month which will run alongside the main service, the aim is to ensure that Cheder provides the best opportunities for your children to be part of the community and live their Judaism with knowledge and joy.

Cheder Shabbat will be an enriching opportunity that will allow the children to engage with Shabbat services and the life of the community allowing them to visualize, understand, and put into practice many of the things that they learn on Sundays.

To ensure that there is something for every individual at a level they will understand, we will split into groups as usual. The children will be part of the service and have their own program to run alongside the main service which will help them better understand the service and explain the many stories of the Torah. You are more than welcome to join either the main service or the children’s groups.

This is an exciting opportunity to embrace and integrate more fully Cheder children and families with the wider Menorah community. This initiative was brought about as part of thinking of ways to incorporate Cheder more seamlessly into the life of the overall community while at the same time addressing other issues that are important to parents and their families.

Cheder Shabbat will be the first Shabbat of every month, and will be on the website.

Everyone is welcome to come to Cheder, even just for one week so you have a chance to meet other young people in our community who are your age. If you want any more information please do not hesitate to e-mail me: .

Looking forward to seeing everyone in September

Have a glance at the beautiful Challot and Challah covers that class Aleph and Bet made!








Look at some the fantastic photos from the Cheder family day!

IMG_0597  IMG_0601



Here is a video that two of our children made about what it means to them to be Jewish

Last week the cheder children were asked to make posters about friendship for Hate Crime Awareness day.

Here are some of their wonderful posters: 

cheder friendship

On Mitzvah Day the Cheder children visited Allingham House with cupcakes they had made themselves

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