The Menorah Synagogue Choir directed by Ruti Worrall

The songs on this page are from our shabbat and festival services.  We really want you to sing along with us at services, but sometimes people say that they are not familiar with the tune.  Everyone’s favourite tune was once a new tune!  You are invited to listen to these songs a few times so that you become more familiar with them – no need to concentrate on the listening. You can even be busy doing something else at the same time.  You will be surprised how quickly you will find that you are participating in the services with renewed vigour!  And more songs will be posted soon…

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from our first CD 'BUILD YOUR HOUSE'

in celebration of the opening of the new Synagogue building2008

Songs from our CD 'JUBILATION'

in celebration of the Synagogue's Golden Jubilee2013

Versions of Adon Olam

which one is your favourite?2017

Rehearsal Recordings

from our regular Monday evening rehearsals2017

Music from the Yom Kippur Services

as heard in the Synagogue on 11 and 12 October2016