Kiddush rota newcomers help

The members on the kiddush rota have usually brought food as a gift/donation. However we would not want anyone to feel that the cost of bringing some food stopped them from joining the rota. If this happens, please let me know as we could arrange to reimburse from the synagogue funds.

We suggest that you bring food such as

• cake, kichels, biscuits
• dips and crisps/crackers or carrots/celery/peppers
• fresh fruit such as grapes or any fruit cut up ready to eat.
• Dried fruit such as dates or apricots

Sometimes people have their own ideas – we are always looking for inspiration.
We find that savouries and fruit are more popular but some cake is always eaten.
Anything provided must be eaten with ones fingers.
Only fish or vegetarian food – no meat products in Menorah kitchen.

How much to bring is a guessing game.
There are 3 members on the kiddush rota each week. The congregation is somewhere between 60 and 90 people. So think about providing a ‘nibble’ for 30 people.
For example, bring 2 or 3 cakes and some fruit; or a couple of tubs of dip and crisps and a couple of bunches of grapes or some peeled and segmented clementines or satsumas.
Some people bring cake only.
A few people who enjoy baking and have the time make cakes or biscuits, however most buy something.

It can be really helpful if you contact the other members on the rota and decide between you who is going to bring what type of food!

The main message is not to worry about it. One can never know exactly how many people will be tat the kiddush and they usually eat it all, however much is provided – this is a good outcome!

The rest is easy:
You should arrive soon after 10. Put the food you have brought out on plates or in bowls on the tables that the caretaker will have set up.
(Caretaker puts out the challahs and the wine and juices, which are provided by Menorah – this should all, be ready when you arrive)
After the service, please stand at the entrance to the Menorah Hall and hold a tray of wine glasses to offer as people come in.
When people start to leave, clear the glasses and plates into the kitchen.

If there is a sponsored kiddush with a caterer on your date, Muriel aims to let you what is going to happen. It varies from asking the kiddush rota members to simply be on hand to offer the wine and help catering staff clearing plates at the end, to giving a bit more help but broadly within what would have been expected for an ‘unsponsored’ kiddush.

We need to know who is coming to prepare the Kiddush!
Problem with your date? Please swap with someone else on the list and let us know
You can’t swap your date? Let us know – we need to make arrangements to have a Kiddush!
Can’t come at the last minute?
Please keep us up to date by contacting

If emailing, please copy your message to Menorah Office:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.