Youth and Community Workers

Joel Stokes

joe2Hi, my name is Joel.

I have recently been lucky enough to be appointed as a new menorah youth worker, following on from my hugely successful predecessor and friend, Sarah Goldschmidt.

Since the age of 10, I have been attending, participating in, planning, organising and running RSY Netzer events. You could say I’m somewhat of a Reform Synagogue Youth fanatic. This journey was opitimised by my year living in Israel (2014 – 2015). The amount I learnt during my gap year is simply immeasurable and can not be put into anything that remotely qualifies as legible, but if there are any past, current or future ‘Shnatties’ at menorah that want to chat, I will always be free to do so. RSY has been a hugely influential part of my life for a decade now and the upcoming work at menorah will hopefully reflect the benefits and advantages that this education has given me.

As for my secular life, I was born and raised in sunny Southport. I attended High School in Formby; a town famous for hosting both glorified red rodents and overpaid sports stars, although the difference is sometimes murky. In 2015, I started my studies at the University of Liverpool, reading Ancient History.

My location at university suits me well as I am an avid Liverpool fan (sorry), and try to make as many games as possible. I have fallen head over heals in love with Liverpool during my time at University, it is a fantastic city full of history, culture, style and of course (razor) sharp witted Scousers.

I am excited beyond words to start work with such a great team. We are hoping to bring very exciting things to Menorah this year, opening up even more opportunities for the youth of today to get involved and more importantly, get inspired!


Jasmine BlumfrmReadMail_Attachment

Shalom, I’m Jasmine and  I am very happy to start working alongside with Joel and be more involved with the young community here at Menorah.

So this is story all about how my life got twisted upside down…

I was born and raised in sunny Israel and moved here to study for my masters degree in Performance Art.

Now that I’ve graduated I’m teaching Hebrew (and English for Hebrew speakers) drama and also creative studies consulting.

Hope to see you soon!