Access to Judaism

The Access to Judaism course forms part of the Adult Education Programme.  It is both a ‘refresher’ and a beginners’ guide to Judaism.

It offers an introduction to Jewish sources and texts, communal and home observance, the festivals, Jewish lifecycle events, contemporary Jewish communities, Jewish history and thought. It is an ideal environment to gain an insight into a Progressive Jewish approach to these areas. We can only give a taster of these subjects, but we do so in an open way, that encourages questioning. We offer access to the Menorah library and advice on further guided reading.

Classes at present are are online on Wednesday evenings 20:30 – 21:30

Spring (Aviv) term 2021
6 January – Biblical history
13 January – Second Temple
20 January – Medieval Jewish riches
27 January – Modernity I
3 February- Modernity II
10 February – Purim and Megillat Esther
17 February – Half Term
24 February – Modernity III
3 March – Antisemitism / Shoah N.B. 8.00-9.45pm
10 March – Zionism and the creation of the State of Israel
17 March – Pesach
24 March – Israel today

Summer (Kayitz) term 2021
21 April – Hebrew Lifecycle I
28 April – Hebrew Lifecycle II
5 May – Hebrew Lifecycle III
12 May – Hebrew Shavuot Preparation
19 May – Hebrew Conversion
26 May – Hebrew Jewish Ethics
9 June – Jewish Culture double session
16 June – Hebrew British Jewry
23 June – Hebrew World Jewry
30 June – Hebrew Reform Jewry Today
7 July – Hebrew Menorah and Jewish Community
14 July – Study and celebration

Forthcoming dates are also listed in the calendar

If you are interested in joining the course for the first time please email to discuss the suitability of the course to your needs.