Join us for Menorah’s varied ARK (Adults Requiring Knowledge) presentations and discussions on Sunday mornings from 11:00–12:15.
Bagels and coffee are available beforehand.  Non members are welcome.

ARK – with Luke Akehurst
Luke Akehurst, director of ‘We believe in Israel’ will be giving a talk entitled: ‘The state of Israel – what are the threats and opportunities facing Israel? Luke has been Director of ‘We Believe in Israel’ since 2011. He visits Israel and the West Bank regularly and is a part of the team at BICOM, the UK’s independent pro-Israel think-tank. He will use his extensive knowledge of Israel and its neighbours to present a frank picture of the threats and opportunities facing Israel, and its current strengths and weaknesses. He has a reputation as a lively and engaging speaker! Tea/coffee will be available from 10.30am
ARK – with Dianne Hutchison
Dianne Hutchison on Amelia Bassano Lanier, the Jewish Shakespeare Tea/coffee and bagels served from 10.30am  
ARK SPECIAL – Environment Day
Our speakers for Environment Day will be Zoe Cohen and Caroline Glassberg-Powell on 'Global Climate Emergency' and Deborah Maw on 'Micro Plastics in Our Oceans'; a discussion on 'What We Can Do' will follow. You do need to book for this event (see below). Tickets £5.00, including lunch and light refreshments. Free admission for under 21s. Tea/coffee and biscuits from 10:30 am.
ARK – LGBTQ+ Workshop
Can I call you queer? Have you ever been told "that's just what boys do"? Have you ever noticed how male villains are often portrayed 'effeminately'? And what's all this stuff about people calling themselves queer? In this special interactive ARK session we will talk about gender variance, using different pronouns, and the fluidity of sexualities, all with the aim of learning how to be more welcoming and respectful to LGBTQ+ people. This will be a safe and informal space that will give you the opportunity to ask all the questions you have been too embarrassed to ask before now.
With Rum Samuel, a non-binary Jewish Community Development Worker and LGBTQ+ Youth Worker, MA, Sexual Dissidence (University of Sussex, Award winning paper: 'Queer Dreams of Jewish Family')
Tea/coffee and bagels from 10:30 am.
ARK – with Frank Adam
Frank Adam will talk on the Aliyah Bet ships.
ARK – Carol and Robert Shields
Carol and Robert Shields show highlights of their recent travels in Ethiopia in search of the lost Ark of the Covenant and the remnants of the lost tribes of Israel. Tea/coffee and bagels served from 10.30am

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