The Enrichment programme at Menorah is a themed mini course typically of three sessions.

You are welcome to attend the whole series or individual sessions. Please register your interest or enquire further at

Forthcoming courses…

Israel and Palestine: Land and People, State and Nation
11th September, 18th September, 25th September – 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Led by Clive Gilbert 

The course will investigate the historical phases of the conflict and the opposing claims of both nations to legitimacy. The prospects for a just resolution will be investigated.
We will attempt, as dispassionately as possible, to look beneath the surface at both the Israeli and Palestinian narratives, at how they emerged and how they compare to the actual historical record.
No previous knowledge is assumed, but an open mind will be helpful!

11th September: Origins

  1. How Zionism emerged from a combination of Jewish tradition and European nationalism
  2. How Arab nationalism emerged in the shadow of Empire and defeat.

18th September: Pax Britannica

  1. How both identities were impacted by British rule in Palestine between the World Wars
  2. How the Zionist movement built a state in embryo and the Palestinian reaction

25th September: The Endless Conflict

  1. How wars and revolutions resulted in the emergence of modern Israel.
  2. How Palestinian identity was transformed
  3. What hopes for peace?

Refreshments provided. Donations at the door welcome!