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Sunday 23 Sep 2018 at 11:00 am

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Good flourishes when evil people do something… an aesthetic appreciation of the works of less than perfect human beings. Discussion led by Frank Vigon.

‘One of the greatest murder mysteries in the history of art appears to have been solved with new evidence that Caravaggio, the Italian artist, killed a rival in a botched attempt to castrate him. For almost 400 years historians have asserted that Caravaggio, who painted a number of Renaissance masterpieces, murdered Ranuccio Tomassoni in 1606 in a row over a tennis match’.  Daily Telegraph

‘This week Netflix released concrete proof that Kevin Spacey’s character is dead in the next season of House Of Cards with the terminal image of Frank Underwood’s gravestone. The streaming service was quick to distance itself from Spacey last November after the actor faced multiple accusations of sexual harassment and assault and decided coming out as gay was a suitable apology’.  Esquire

Frank Vigon will lead a discussion on the complicated issue of whether we can disassociate artistic creativity from deep personal flaws ranging from the immoral to the criminal. Equally he will explore where the dividing line can be drawn between artistic licence and the unacceptable. At a time when Wagner continues to be unwelcome on the airwaves in Israel, are we in danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Refreshments of tea/coffee & bagels available from 10.30 am.