ARK with Frank Vigon

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ARK with Frank Vigon

Sunday 25 Apr at 5:00 pm

Forgery the sincerest form of theft. The whole issue of Art is mired in debate about worth and interpretation. How do we know what is good art? How do we know what it means? How can we compare one artist with another? And how do we know when we are being fooled?

In the end it all comes down to worth…aesthetic and monetary. In the gap between the two creeps in the joker in the pack….the forger. This talk attempts to examine some of the key issues:

  • Why do forgers forge?
  • What is their methodology?
  • The history of forgery
  • How responsible  are the galleries, auctioneers and dealers?
  • The forger as celebrity
  •  Are forgers thwarted artists or are they geniuses gone astray?

The status of forgers (such as Eric Hebborn, pictured above) is similar to the antihero or Robin Hood, somehow, we do not regard their deception as worthy of harsh punishment and a little bit us wants to see those with the enormous sums of conspicuous and doubtfully obtained wealth, punished by being duped. But theft is still theft………..

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