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M@M Discussion 23 April

Monday 23 Apr 2018 at 2.15 pm

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Come along for a lively discussion on the burning issues of the day.
Topics will include:

Give war a chance (to misquote John Lennon). Were we right to bomb Syria as punishment for their alleged use of chemical weapons? Or is it none of our business if foreigners want to kill one another? Can we really make a difference to the civil conflict in Syria or should we leave well alone? And is it worth risking a war with Russia?

Israel at 70 (Or Justice for the Palestinians). Should we be publicly celebrating with fellow Jews and shouting to the world that we are indeed celebrating? And what exactly should we be proud about? Or should we be demonstrating outside the Israeli Embassy, commiserating with the Palestinians that they are still homeless after all these years? Should we be drinking a l’chaim or hanging our heads in shame?

The best meal of the day. Who has time for breakfast these days? And what do you like to eat first thing in the morning? What is the point of all these sugar-packed cereals whose large boxes take up acres of cupboard space? Aren’t they a complete waste of money even if they do contain vitamin B12? In the absence of anyone from Kelloggs to answer back, give us your views on how best to start the day.