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M@M Discussion 26 March

Monday 26 Mar 2018 at 2.15 pm

Come along for a lively discussion on the burning issues of the day. Topics will include:

From Russia with love. Is the Cold War back with a vengeance? How should we respond to the nerve agent attack In Salisbury? Should we retaliate with strong measures in the knowledge that the Russians can harm us just as much if not more? Or should we just allow the situation to calm down? Was Jeremy Corbyn’s initial laid back response justified? Surely everyone will realise it’s not in anyone’s interest to allow things to get out of hand? Is modern Russia a difficult friend or an enemy?

Muslim Antisemitism. The Chief Rabbi recently expressed disappointment in a speech that Muslim leaders are unable or unwilling to tackle antisemitism in their communities. Is he making a mountain out of a molehill? There are three million Muslims in the UK and we shouldn’t be prejudiced in assuming they’re all antisemites. Some are but many aren’t, just as some Jews hold racist views but most don’t. Or is the Chief Rabbi being naive in expecting Muslim leaders to be co-operative on interfaith relations, bearing in mind their hostility towards Israel? Is there a big, unspoken problem here and what should we do about it?

Pesach. Do you clean your house thoroughly for months to make it ‘kosher l’Pesach’ in commemoration of the slavery of our ancestors in Egypt? Or is a full cupboard of matzoh enough to celebrate the festival? Are your memories of the Pesach seder good or bad? Tell us how it used to be. And recount all the disasters too!