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M@M Discussion 29 January

Monday 29 Jan 2018 at 2.15 pm

Come along and join Robert Shields and Lynne Nathan for a lively discussion!


What is your favourite gadget?

Are you a hoarder or do you get rid of items you don’t use?

Thought for the Day. The BBC’s early morning Today programme always has a “God Slot” for a message from a religious leader. Recently John Humphries said that he would like to drop it from the schedule. His suggestion was not accepted -but what do you think?
How do you view the BBC’s proposal to introduce a wider variety of religious programming.

Britain’s birth rate is at a 10 year low and it is predicted that within 5 years half of all families will have just one child. How does this impact our future?

Tony Blairs legacy: does he retain much respect or credibility?
How will he be assessed in historical perspective?

Plastics. Would you pay an extra 25p for your coffee in a plastic cup and how seriously do you regard the pollution of our seas and the threat to marine life? Could we manage without disposable plastics?

Homeless. What could/should be done about the seemingly increasing numbers of rough sleepers on the streets of our towns and cities?