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M@M: Discussion

Monday 12 Nov 2018 at 2:15 pm

Come along for a lively discussion on the burning issues of the day. Topics for this week:

“IN EVERY GENERATION THEY ROSE UP TO DESTROY US…………..” What lessons can we learn from the tragic events in Pittsburgh? Does everyone hate Jews, even in America? Is nowhere safe now, and should we all make aliyah? Or would that just mean that the antisemites had won, having effectively expelled Jews to Israel and leaving the West, like much of the Muslim world today, ‘Judenfrei’? Are Jews no longer safe in America? And is it all Trump’s fault? Could the same thing happen here? And what should the CST do about it? Or should we all calm down and recognise that mass shootings are mercifully rare and that nobody is safe 100 per cent of the time? 

OUR MUTUAL FRIENDS What do you think of Netanyahu’s new best friends in the Gulf states? Are the Saudis valuable allies in the struggle against Iranian expansion? Can they be relied upon to pressure the Palestinians into some sort of peace deal? Maybe they might cement Israeli-Saudi friendship by planting some trees in the name of Mohammed Bin Salman in the Kinneret. Or are we deluding ourselves? Aren’t the Saudi leaders the same bunch of antisemitic Jew-haters that they’ve always been? Still murdering and imprisoning political opponents. Still denying their people basic liberal freedoms. And still implacably opposed to Zionism once the threat from Iran has been averted.  

NOSTALGIA AIN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE  Do you think things were better in the past? The pace of life was slower. People were more contented, less angry and more tolerant of each other. Religion instilled a sense of calm and acceptance of one’s lot in life. And we took more care of one another. Or has the passage of time distorted our memory of how bad things really were? People were poorer, they died younger and all the shops were shut on Sunday. Should we forget the past and recognise that “we’ve never had it so good” – and the best is yet to come? Driverless cars. Robots doing the housework. Discounted viagra at Tescos. Jeremy Clarkson says that, compared to the past, the future is “a joyous place full of nothing but Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn, dementia and death”. Is he right?