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M@M: Discussion

Monday 10 Dec 2018 at 2:15 pm

Come along for a lively discussion on the burning issues of the day.

“In, Out, In, Out – Shake It All About” Where to now with Brexit? Should we tell the Brexiteers to stop their nonsense, that they’ve had their fun and it’s time now to hand back to the adults so that they can keep us in the EU? Or should the Remainers be given a tissue to wipe away their tears and told to “man-up” and get over themselves – we’re leaving the EU either with or without a deal. A second referendum? Why? To decide what? Is the country finished? Or is it just starting? Can Mrs. May “make Britain great again”.

“Storming The Bastille” – Mark II Was President Macron right to climb down in the face of more threatened street riots? Is he paying the price for being too elitist and not listening to people’s legitimate concerns over rising fuel prices? Or should he have stood firm and risked more violence in order to get the message across that gone are the days when the mob can veto necessary reforms?  And even if the price hikes are unjustified, isn’t there an important principle at stake here that the government’s job is to govern and not be intimidated? Is this a portent of what life would be like under a Corbyn government with different interest groups rioting to force the government to do their bidding?

2019 – Bring It On! What are your hopes and fears for the coming year – for Britain, the world  – and of course the Jews? Where will we be in 12 months time? Better off or worse off? What are your predictions?