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Bringing Jewish Film to Manchester…

Our aim is to bring you the best of films, with a Jewish/Israeli link or theme, from around the world.

All showings are on Tuesdays and begin at 7.45 pm.  Enquiries to

Guests can be admitted to each show for £5.00, subject to availability.

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Film Club: Remember Baghdad
2016 UK Documentary 1h9 dir: Fiona Murphy "Jews, Muslims, Christians - we were all Iraqis - it was paradise." On the 100th anniversary of the British invasion in 1917, ‘Remember Baghdad’ is the untold story of the Jews in Iraq, an unmissable insight into how the country developed from a completely new perspective. Five Jewish families look back on the history of Baghdad’s once vibrant community. This is an illuminating documentary composed of intimate interviews, extensive personal and news archive films, as well as footage from Iraq today, letting us follow one Iraqi Jew on a journey home, back to Baghdad.
Film Club: The Jazz Singer
1927 USA Black & white Musical Drama 1h29 dir: Richard Fleischer Young Jakie Rabinowitz loves jazz and ragtime, and wants to be a performer. But his cantor father orders him to carry on the family tradition. Jakie tries his hand anyway, only to be discovered by neighbour Moisha Yudelson and kicked out of the house. A decade later, an older Jakie has followed his dream, changed his name and found love with performer Mary, but he still wants to win his father over. As the first feature-length motion picture with not only a synchronized recorded music score, but also lip-synchronous singing and speech, ‘The Jazz Singer’ heralded the commercial ascendance of sound films and ended the silent film era.
Film Club: Rashevki’s Tango
2003 Belgium/France/Luxembourg Drama 1h30 dir: Sam Garbarski The story begins with the death of Rosa, grandmother and matriarch of the Rashevski family. She detested religion and rabbis, yet she reserved herself a plot in the Jewish section of the cemetery. Now the Rashevskis are adrift—asking themselves questions they had never thought about before, and they cannot see eye-to-eye on anything. The ever-popular question “What does it mean to be Jewish?” gets another parsing from the German-born Belgian director in this gentle comedy drama.
Film Club: Hill Start
Hill Start.  2014 Israel Drama/Comedy 1h30 dir: Oren Stern When Ora, the matriarch of a family goes into a coma after a car accident, her children and other members of the extended family will do anything to bring her back. The viewer meets plastic surgeons, a wheelchair-bound marathon coach, a tough private investigator, a yoga instructor, a sensitive belly dancer and a big star in the Arab cinema.

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