Menorah Film Club

Bringing Jewish Film to Manchester…

Our aim is to bring you the best of films, with a Jewish/Israeli link or theme, from around the world.

All showings are on Tuesdays and begin at 7.45 pm.  Enquiries to

Guests can be admitted to each show for £5.00, subject to availability.


  • Tuesday 7 Jun at 7:45 pm

    Film Club – Another Road Home

    2004 USA Documentary dir: Danae Elon   79 mins Shortly after the Six-Day War in 1967, Danae Elon's highly educated parents hired a Palestinian man named Musa, the father of eleven children, to take care of their six month old daughter on a daily basis. It was a job he would continue for the next twenty years. The last time Danae saw Musa, in 1991, he proudly showed her the house he constructed in the Palestinian village of Battir. Then, against the mounting tensions of the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Intifada, the two families lose track of each other. During that time, Danae begins to realise how much of an influence Musa had on her life and she seeks to reconnect with him. Her quest leads her from New York to Battir.

  • Tuesday 5 Jul at 7:45 pm

    Film Club – The Wonders

    Comedy/Mystery; Director: Avi Nesha; 2013; 1hr. 52min
    The complex relationship between a Jerusalem street artist and a modern day prophet being held prisoner in an abandoned apartment across the alley.
    Awards: Best actress Yuval Sharf (Israeli film academy)
    Best makeup(Israeli film academy)

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