Israeli Dancing

Israeli dancing consists of circle and line dances made up of a few basic steps and combined in myriad ways. Musical influences include Greece, Turkey, Latin America, India, Eastern Europe, and Arab lands. We dance to lyrical songs about love and the beauty of Eretz Yisrael; to sensuous Middle Eastern melodies; to high energy salsa tunes; to modern upbeat Israeli music and much more.

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere, uplifting music and great exercise!  Don’t worry about not knowing the steps: we dance for pleasure, not perfection. In every class we teach and revise new dances as well as dancing a repertoire of basic dances. Beginners are always welcome and your first class is free, so why not give it a go!

Classes alternate weekly between a class on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm, and a class on Tuesday evening at 7:30pm, each class runs for 90 minutes.

WEDNESDAY – At the Wednesday class, we take more time to teach, especially some of the core repertoire that those who have been dancing for a while are already familiar with. We primarily dance the slightly easier, slightly slower dances, though not entirely! All are welcome, and this class will particularly suit beginners, anyone who is returning to dancing after a break, or just wants a slightly slower paced class.

TUESDAY – The Tuesday class is aimed more at intermediate dancers, we teach more new dances, and include some of the faster and more challenging dances as well as some old favourites.

Anyone is welcome to come to whichever class they feel suits them best, or indeed many people come to both.

 If you haven’t been before, please email so we know to expect you. There is a charge of £5 which we will ask you to pay on-line as a donation to Menorah here:  Please include your name and the words “Israeli Dancing” in the Additional Information box that you see when you checkout.