Let’s Zoom

ANYONE can enjoy our Zoom events at home.  It’s a wonderful way of connecting with people. All you need is the use of a computer (laptop or desktop), or a tablet like an iPad, or any smartphone.  And it’s really easy to get started…

You can just click on the link for the event that we publish in one of our emails.  Your browser will see that the link takes you to a Zoom meeting.  If you haven’t used Zoom before then you’ll be invited to download the Zoom app.  Go ahead if this is the first time you are using Zoom on this device.  You will be invited by Zoom to sign up or sign in, but that’s not essential.  You can simply join the meeting.

(But it’s a good idea to download the Zoom app from zoom.us and to to get yourself signed up before joining an event.  Then you’ll be prepared in advance.  Sign up for your own personal basic Zoom account – it’s free – and you can choose some personal settings.)

To enable you to participate fully in the event your device should have a camera and a microphone.  All smartphones, most tablets and laptops and many computers already have these built-in, or added as a webcam.  When you run the Zoom app you can go to Settings (probably a cogwheel icon in a corner of the window) where you can choose options and test your own audio and video.

When you’re in a Zoom meeting you’ll be able to choose between two types of views on your screen: either a grid of small pictures of all participants (maybe on a series of screens), or the ‘active speaker’ view where the person who is currently speaking fills most of the screen.

Zoom etiquette: In a meeting of more than just a few people please mute your own microphone, and only unmute it when you are speaking.  You can easily control the muting by clicking on the microphone icon – at the bottom-left of a computer screen or at the top of an iPad screen.

Let’s keep in touch – let’s Zoom!