Menorah Jubilee Library is open to members of Menorah for browsing and borrowing. There are books on a wide range of topics for adults, teenagers and children. There is also a range of magazines, films and music.

Card catalogues which allow you to search by author or subject can be found in the library.

You may borrow up to 3 items, for up to 3 weeks.
If you are borrowing from the Library for the first time, please fill in a Reader’s Card.
Those who are not members of the Synagogue are also requested to register with the Library.

All items which are available for loan have a pocket on the inside (usually at the front) with a Loan Card.
Please fill in today’s date and your name on the Loan Card AND today’s date and the author and title of the book (or DVD etc) on the Reader’s Card.
Please file the Loan Card (on the Left – by author’s surname) and Reader’s Card (on the Right – by your surname) in the red box which you will fnd on the catalogue table

When returning an item, please take your Reader’s Card out of the red box, cross out the loan, and re-file the card.
Then take out the Loan Card, cross out the loan, and replace the card in the pocket in the book (for other media, this may be inside the box).
Returned items may be left for re-shelving on the catalogue table.
Please return all items promptly!

The books are arranged in the broad categories below:
001-099     Bible and Biblical Studies     White
100-199   Classical Judaica: Halakhah, Midrash Gold
200-299   Jewish Observance & Practice Light Blue
300-399   Jewish Education Orange
400-499 Hebrew, Jewish Languages, Sciences Green
500-599   Jewish Literature, Fiction Silver
600-699   Jewish Literature, Fiction Pink
700-799   History, Geography, Biography Yellow
800-899   Israel, Zionism Dark Blue
900-999 Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Bibliographies Beige

There are many useful resources in the library, these include for B’Nei Mitzvah, for the study of the Torah and Haftarah and for the general study of Judaism.

Donating current material
If you would like to make a contribution to the Library to allow us to purchase new material please get in touch with the office in the first instance.
We also have a ‘wish list’ which can be found in the library.
Donating older material
If you are making space on your shelves at home and have books, DVDs or music of Jewish interest and in good condition that you would like to offer to the library, then please do get in touch:  .    Please bear in mind though, that as space is limited, we have to be selective when accepting older material.