Making Sense of Covid-19: Prof Alan Silman’s new blog

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Some of you will have attended Alan Silman’s question and answer session on Covid-19 at the ARK session a few weeks ago.  Alan is an epidemiologist and is experienced in communicating with the lay public on the kinds of complex problems raised by the Covid-19 infection. He is currently working at Oxford University so is also keeping a keen eye on all the research going on there.  In response to the continuing number of questions he is receiving from friends in the community,  Alan has started putting all his thoughts on a blog and will keep adding to it as new information unfolds.  If you are interested in making sense of all the news about the epidemic  you should find this blog helpful.  Just click here and hopefully get all the answers to what you want to know.  If you enter your email address, you will also get notified every time Alan adds a new item.