Mondays @ Menorah

Designed to meet the needs of all Menorah members and the wider community, M@M events happen every Monday afternoon!  We have a programme that cycles through a pattern of four different styles of event:-

  • a speaker
  • a discussion
  • Eat, meet, defeat: lunch and a game of scrabble/chess/bridge
  • Book Club

We look forward to seeing you and your friends & family at these sessions. We also look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to get involved in organising presentations or leading discussions.

The M@M Team:

Melissa Dorfman, Vicki Garson, Lynne Nathan, Bori Pocz, Robert Shields, David Rabin


There are no upcoming events at this time.


Click here to see the upcoming programme as a list of events with a button at the end to EXPORT them to your electronic calendar!