Menorah Outreach is a new group that acts in accordance with the Reform Judaism principle of “Tikkun Olam”, and therefore pursues social action and social justice for those that are vulnerable and marginalised around us.


During the month of July we will be collecting food and toiletries to help St Luke’s drop in Food Bank.

Please click her for a Collection List for Food Bank  which lists items to bring to Menorah.  Food Bank

Do bring your donations to Menorah during office hours or in the evenings when there is activity on.

We are also planning a Shopathon and other activities.

Do get in touch if you can help with this vital work!

Contact Eve Davidson at 

ARTICLE:  It’s Only Sticking Plaster  

by Gita Conn

 If a hungry person knocks on a vicar’s door, they will be given food. “All vicars should have provision” says Margaret Young, vicar at Wythenshawe’s St. Luke’s church.

As more and more people were knocking on her door, Margaret found she just didn’t have enough provision.  Church volunteers were galvanised into action and two years ago began food distributions in the church hall to an increasing number of local people who just couldn’t make ends meet in our ‘welfare society’.

“They are embarrassed when they first come,” Margaret said when Eve and I went to visit recently. “Some have been made redundant from good jobs, some are being squeezed by the bedroom tax and others just can’t make their benefits stretch to the end of the week.”

Three times a week they come, more and more every week.  Relying solely on donations of food and/or money to buy food, the volunteers have had to decrease the amount given to each person.  We looked on in sadness and humility at the minimal amounts being put into each plastic bag and reflected on the desperation of people driven to make the journey for …four potatoes, 3 or four carrots, a tin of meat or a pie, baked beans, cereal, ten tea-bags counted carefully into little bags and a small bag of sugar, about a cupful.

“It is” said Margaret ruefully, “only sticking plaster.”

On Tuesdays and Fridays, everyone can have tea and biscuits in the café. Cookery sessions are also held from time to time and all sit down to special meals at Christmas and Easter. Volunteers often help people fill in forms too.

There is a Council-funded food bank at the Civic Centre but people much prefer the friendly and discreet atmosphere of St. Luke’s. Mary Preston, who heads the volunteer team, explained that they sometimes go and collect food for their visitors from the Civic Centre to save them the embarrassment of being seen by their neighbours “coming out of Asda with lots of shopping”.

St. Luke’s is less than a mile from Menorah – about a ten minute walk. So near…and yet so far in terms of deprivation.

Our Outreach Group, which has been helping to supply food to refugees and asylum seekers now intends to include those in need, virtually on our doorstep.  Volunteers will be needed for food collections, shopathons and fund-raising. We do have a small group of members always willing to help, but more are needed.

Please will you help …to help our neighbours? 



MITZVAH DAY SUNDAY 16 NOVEMBER 2014  Global Jewish Social Action Day!  Visit to residents at Allingham House: The Cheder children brought cupcakes and visited residents on all the floors.  See their brilliant photos on the Youth pages. 

Menorah’s Food and Toiletries Collection for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Homeless.   Thanks to all our members who donated for those in need.  Volunteers also helped with a Shopathon at Morrison’s in Chorlton and collected food from shoppers for the homeless and a local food bank. MD1 2014

Heather and Mike from Oldham Unity load up their car with help from Laura and Eve from Menorah. They say thanks for your very generous donations which will feed destitute asylum seekers and refugees that they support.