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News update from Oldham Unity Destitution Project

Our members have for a number of years very generously supported and donated food items to the project for Mitzvah Day. Please click here for a News Update from Oldham Unity in difficult Covid times, and also information if you would like to make a financial donation or are already a donor.

On Sunday 29 November at 5.00pm Laura Barley and Eve Davidson introduced a presentation and discussion on Mahapach-Taghir – Israeli grassroots, feminist, Jewish-Arab organisation which works for social change through education and community empowerment. Joining us from Israel we welcomed speakers Lital Ayalon, Co-Director of Mahapach-Taghir, and Muna Arok and Dana Zarif, Co-Coordinators of the Women’s National Council. They spoke about: “Things we have done and are doing during COVID19 that we’re especially proud of…”