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News update from Oldham Unity Destitution Project

Our members have for a number of years very generously supported and donated food items to the project for Mitzvah Day. Please click here for a News Update from Oldham Unity in difficult Covid times, and also information if you would like to make a financial donation or are already a donor.

On Sunday 29 November at 5.00pm Laura Barley and Eve Davidson introduced a presentation and discussion on Mahapach-Taghir – Israeli grassroots, feminist, Jewish-Arab organisation which works for social change through education and community empowerment. Joining us from Israel we welcomed speakers Lital Ayalon, Co-Director of Mahapach-Taghir, and Muna Arok and Dana Zarif, Co-Coordinators of the Women’s National Council. They spoke about: “Things we have done and are doing during COVID19 that we’re especially proud of…”

Campaigning for Social Justice in Israel
New Israel Fund Human Rights Awards were awarded in 2020 to three organisations in Israel – Associate for Civil Rights in Israel, Israel Women’s Network, and Women Against Violence.
On Sunday 23 May at 5.00, ARK and Outreach welcome Adam Ognall, Chief Executive, NIF UK, to introduce speakers from these organisations, who will tell us about their recent campaigning work for social justice in Israel. Click here for full details of the organisations.
All welcome! Zoom joining details will be at the bottom of Shavuon.