The Chair


I am the son of founder members of Menorah, Leonard and Audrey Jacobs and am following in my Father’s footsteps as Chair, 55 years on! Unusually, I can claim to be a fourth generation Reform Jew, my great-grandfather Isaac Asher Isaacs was the (paid) secretary of the Manchester Congregation of British Jews nearly 140 years ago!

I was brought up at Manchester Reform Synagogue and can claim an early leadership role as chairman of Jacksons Row Youth Club. At Menorah, I remember services at the Friends Meeting House, the ‘fire station’ (part of the now-demolished Sharston Hall), and the original building on the current site.

I left Manchester to go to university in Loughborough and returned 40 years later! I worked in human resources as an interim manager, sometimes working away from home on a temporary basis.

I have been a Board member of Maidenhead Synagogue and the Jewish Joint Burial Society and more recently have had the HR portfolio on the Menorah Board.

I am married to Lorna and our daughter, Zoë, is a ‘professional Jew’, working as the Community Manager at Finchley Progressive Synagogue in north London.