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Welcome to the Menorah Youth Page!



During weekend of 9th-10th February we are having a FREE DOMINO’S PIZZA EVENT with fizzy drinks and sides for our 7-18 year olds!

There will also be some getting to know you games!! If you would like to come please EMAIL:


Half-term Bowling at Parr’s Wood!!

During half-term at Parr’s Wood we are having a bowling event for all of our youth!!  Cost is £6.75 per person and can be paid on the day. Parents will drop their children off at the location and pick up

Think you are a STRIKE or SPARE champion?For more information Email: to book your place!!!


Menorah Youth Council!!!

Come and be an important part of Menorah youth by joining our new youth council! One short meeting every two months with fizzy drinks and snacks where you can decide what activities and things you want happening!

Sign up on the youth notice board in Shul or contact your Youth Partner – Tom.



Shabbat Youth Club!!

How would you like to be a part of a Shabbat Youth Club held twice a month during Shabbat service? For ages 7-13 with lots of fun, noise, music, games and singing! Your own youth service, in your own room.

If you are above the age of 13, you could have an important role by running the Shabbat Youth Club! You can use whatever ideas you have, make it as fun as you want and even come up with your own name for the club! A short training session will even be put on to help you and give you some great ideas. No parents involved!! You could run one of the sessions every now and then or you could even run your session with a friend!


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