Zoom notes: when we Share Screen

When we ‘Share Screen’ – eg. to show pages of a prayer-book

On a computer

– firstly you may be surprised if your display jumps to “Full Screen”. You can turn off Full Screen if you want (button at top-right), and you can stop this happening in future by changing a personal Zoom setting: Go to SettingsShare Screen and uncheck ‘Maximise Zoom window when a participant shares screen’.

Also you can adjust the space used for the shared screen:

  • At the very top of your screen there will be a coloured message “You are viewing host name’s screen” and, to the right of it, “View Options”.  Click the View Options menu and make sure that “Side-by-side mode” is ticked.
  • Hover your mouse pointer in-between the shared content and the participants’ video until your pointer changes to a double arrow and you see a grey line separating both views.  Click and drag the separator to adjust the size of each view.   Then you have a choice, above the videos, of the number of participants’ videos that you want to be displayed: none, or just one, or a few, or the whole gallery view.
  • In the gallery view you can scroll through the videos of participants by hovering over them and clicking on the arrows that appear near the lower corners of the gallery.  You may also be able to adjust the size and shape of the whole gallery by dragging its lower-left corner.

On a tablet (eg iPad)

– The shared content will always fill your screen.  You have the option of superimposing small pictures of the participants (but these will obscure some of the shared content).  Try tapping on the – and + symbols at the top corners of the pictures to adjust the number of pictures that are shown.  If you lose them all and want to bring them back, tap on the circular video icon at lower-right.

On a Phone

 – Hold the phone sideways and swipe to the left or right for various options.